About AGE Fund

About AGE Fund
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The Ubuntu Institute launched the African Global Exchange Fund (AGE Fund). This fund is aimed at ensuring inclusion of all youth across the Africa region into participating in international workplace training opportunities. These internships, workplace opportunities are in the tourism and hospitality sector in international resorts in the USA, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai and many other countries for a period of six to twelve months.

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The First flagship program of Ubuntu Institute was a skills development initiative called South African Youth Exchange (SAYX) that provided youth in Tourism & Hospitality with workplace training opportunities abroad. The innovative approach of the Ubuntu Institute is to focus in creating international workplace internships to deal with the issue of ‘un-employability’ and most important, create funding mechanisms to enable all to participate in such programmes.

Young people complain that they do not get jobs because employers tell them “they do not have enough working/job experience to qualify for positions.” This applies even to young graduates of both undergraduate levels and post-graduate levels. Our international programme  was created to address exactly this gap.

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Goals of the International Program:

• Provide decent workplace experience to Unemployed youths in Tourism and Hospitality graduates but not limited to, from previously disadvantaged communities from across Sub-saharan Africa

• Assist beneficiaries increase their chances of employment and deal with the issue of ‘unemployability’ by providing an international internship programme for 6-12 months in their area of expertise within the hospitality sector

• Expose unemployed graduates to the international community and learn best practices from the international exposure.

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We place unemployed youth from previously disadvantaged communities in various 6-12 month internships in five star resorts in:

  1. USA,
  2. China,
  3. Canada,
  4. New Zealand,
  5. Australia,
  6. United Kingdom

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Funding Criteria


Must be between the ages of 19 and 35 years of age;


Have NO criminal record and NO bad credit record;


Must have Identity Document passport;


If no Qualification you must have a minimum of five (5) years consecutive working experience in the hospitality industry


If you have graduated and have one year experience


Currently studying towards a qualification in Hospitality and Tourism with hospitality focused training work experience


Must be medically fit for the duration of the programme (cannot be pregnant or plan to fall pregnant in the months leading to their departure as well as while participating on the programme);


Must be available for a 6-12 month period (make sure it’s ok with their families and have no other personal commitments at that time-that would need them to come back home);


Must be mature, hard working and willing to adapt to a foreign environment;

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